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HBMc is a dedicated capital and non-capital mitigation service specializing in criminal defense services.   This agency is a multi-disciplinary mitigation and sentencing advocacy practice based in Florida.  We are dedicated to the preservation of life and the falsely accused.  We are able to assist clients, regardless of the charges, at all levels of litigation to include, but not limited to Pre & Post Conviction in the State and Federal Courts.


 We never negate the fact that the crime was committed we advocate justice, by ensuring that the person who is accused is in fact the person who committed the crime, and in capital cases we mitigate with the courts a more favorable resolution other than the “Death Penalty”.   


We come from diversed backgrounds and bring a wide range of skills to our practice. Our mitigation specialists and fact investigators are personable, highly skilled, educated and motivated to providing superior mitigation services.


In every case, we provide detailed information about the social, biological, and environmental forces that have shaped our client, relying upon interviews and record collection.  We act as a liaison between the defendant and the lawyer to reduce the burden on the attorney and to strengthen the relationship between the defendant and the entire defense team.  We work with the defense attorney to identify additional experts, such as mental-health, medical, or cultural experts, and then act as a liaison and information source for those experts.

We compile all of the resulting information into a unified narrative that attempts to explain not only the context of the crime, but also the client’s humanity.

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