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Why do you need a mitigation specialist on your non-capital case?

In non-capital cases, we conduct efficient and cost-effective investigations of our client’s life history, relying on interviews with our client and key people in our client’s life and on a strategic collection of important records.  We pre-screen to identify mental-health, substance- abuse, or health issues that may require expert evaluation, and we facilitate the expert’s work.  

Based upon our investigation, we prepare either a report or live testimony that provides a alternative, more detailed, and more accurate narrative than the one presented by the prosecution or by pretrial services and that humanizes the client.  We enable the defense attorney to present the client in the context of his personal history, so that prosecutors, judge, jury, and corrections officials are able to see our client as a whole person rather than simply as a list of criminal charges.  This work will better position the attorney to advocate for a reduction in the charges, and favorable disposition by plea bargain, a lower sentence after conviction, or needed treatment during incarceration.

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